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ARCHICAD Educational Software Program

Represent GRAPHISOFT at your School

Get valuable resources, free gear, and a jump start on your career.


Step 1 — Apply to be a campus representative

Are you interested in a leadership role on campus, increasing your BIM knowledge, and getting free stuff? The GRAPHISOFT Campus Rep program is a great way do to all three!
We are looking for motivated students to be spread the word about ARCHICAD. Each rep will receive a cool t-shirt, messenger bag, and a box of ARCHICAD giveaways.


Step 2 — Spread the word - ARCHICAD is free!

Encourage your classmates and teachers to get their own FREE copy of ARCHICAD by registering at
We will also send you a box of cool stuff to give out to classmates and posters to hang up around campus.
Stay up-to-date on ARCHICAD news by checking out the Blog, Facebook page, and Help Center page.


Step 3 — Career preparation

During your time as a campus rep, you will be learning ARCHICAD, and also helping your peers learn ARCHICAD. At the end of your term, you will have extensive ARCHICAD BIM knowledge and leadership skills. These valuable skills and knowledge will help prepare you for the transition into your professional career.
Students that have shown exemplary leadership and ARCHICAD proficiency can request a letter of recommendation from GRAPHISOFT. Also, as internships become available, Campus Reps will be notified first.

For more information, contact Rita Hicks, Education and Marketing Specialist, at +1 617 938 7762, and .