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List of Improvements in BIMcloud

Below you can find the list of new features and improvements of BIMcloud.

BIMcloud 2019.2

New Features

  • ARCHICAD 23 compatibility: Full compatibility with ARCHICAD 23 and its Beta versions was introduced. BIMcloud Basic can be locked to ARCHICAD 23.

Fixed issues

  • #259748 - BIMcloud: BIMcloud occasionally went offline if HDD sleep setting was activated.
  • #258959 - BIMcloud: PLN snapshots were not created and the BIMcloud Manager showed a pending status.

BIMcloud 2019.1

New Features

  • BIMcloud load management optimization: Structural BIMcloud Manager enhancements were developed to improve the teamwork experience of heavily loaded systems. Multiple processes were introduced for BIMcloud Server data synchronization and activity handling.
  • External storage for snapshots *: Enhancements to the BIMcloud Server Configurator were made to allow external storage locations to be designated for project and library snapshots.
  • View activities permission *: A new permission was introduced to control visibility of activity panels in the BIMcloud Manager user interface.
  • Tray icon enhancements: The tray icon was reorganized for BIMcloud components. BIMcloud Manager and Server(s) are consolidated better in the BIMcloud tray icon.

* not available in BIMcloud Basic

Fixed issues

  • #256384 - BIMcloud: Update could fail if there was a missing line break at the end of the Config.xml.
  • #255898 - BIMcloud/UI: BIMcloud Configurator was not visible on Parallels Virtual Machine on macOS.
  • #255584 - BIMcloud: A network error could put the BIMcloud Server into an infinite loop.
  • #255559 - BIMcloud: BIMcloud Server could not be paired to a BIMcloud Manager different from the one it was paired to originally without using a workaround.
  • #254521 - BIMcloud Basic: If the BIMcloud Server's primary address was an IP address, the BIMcloud Basic upgraded to BIMcloud.
  • #253709 - BIMcloud: BIMcloud Basic sometimes upgraded to BIMcloud if there was an issue with the built-in license.
  • #253331 - BIMcloud: Snapshot files were not handled properly if their name contained the "[", the "]" or the "#" characters.
  • #252101 - BIMcloud/UI: If BIMcloud Basic was not activated, ARCHICAD issued a missleading warning when trying to access the BIMcloud.
  • #250885 - BIMcloud: It was not possible to downgrade from BIMcloud to BIMcloud Basic if the BIMcloud Server's primary address was an IP address.
  • #250208 - BIMcloud/UI: Warning dialog of deleting the BIMcloud Server appeared in English with Polish language settings.
  • #250202 - BIMcloud/UI: BIMcloud Server's Configurator buttons showed up incorrectly in case of reconfiguration process with Polish language settings.
  • #249462 - BIMcloud/UI: BIMcloud Manager's Activity Chart was not compatible with Apple accessories.
  • #249446 - BIMcloud/UI: Some Help Center links on the interface were invalid.
  • #249031 - BIMcloud: It was not possible to import an archive from another BIMcloud Basic of version 21 or lower.
  • #248804 - BIMcloud/UI: BIMcloud tray icon showed content in English with Korean language settings.
  • #248803 - BIMcloud/UI: BIMcloud Configurators showed content in English with Korean language settings.
  • #248675 - BIMcloud: BIMcloud related services valid for an older BIMcloud may have continued to run after updating to 2018.2 or above.
  • #248448 - BIMcloud/Installer: A Help Center link was so sensitive that clicking on anything but designated buttons could open the link.
  • #247892 - BIMcloud: Downgrade failed if there were user groups.
  • #247205 - BIMcloud: BIMcloud tray icon did not run optimally.
  • #245863 - BIMcloud: CodeMeter sluggish performance sometimes degraded BIMcloud performance.
  • #244362 - BIMcloud: Downloaded activity reports often were not complete.
  • #243659 - BIMcloud: There was no notification if a BIMcloud backup did not finish.
  • #243100 - BIMcloud/UI: Default Host Server settings dialog has been changed to be more informative on the BIMcloud Manager's web interface.
  • #241909 - BIMcloud: The company logo sometimes disappeared after updating the BIMcloud.
  • #238591 - BIMcloud: Users from a higher build numbered BIMcloud Manager could not be imported.
  • #232386 - BIMcloud/UI: The Snapshot panel incorrectly stated "at least # copies" would be kept when it should have stated "keep the last # of copies."
  • #231167 - BIMcloud: BIMcloud Server and Manager could only be paired if their web protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) matched.
  • #231054 - BIMcloud: A folder could not be renamed if it contained a large number of subfolders and projects.

BIMcloud 2018.2.1

Fixed issues

  • #249911 - BIMcloud: Installation/upgrade of BIMcloud Server was not supported on Windows 7/8 based Operating Systems.
  • #247871 - BIMcloud: Change Host process sometimes failed if the project or the library was very large.
  • #247598 - BIMcloud: It was not possible to abort a full BIMcloud Server Backup from the BIMcloud Manager's web interface.
  • #244977 - BIMcloud: Full backup could not robustly handle mount issues with the configured target path.