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Add-Ons are specific products with which you can extend the functionality of the standard ARCHICAD software package. Below you can find Add-Ons for ARCHICAD created by GRAPHISOFT and third-party developers.



Goodies are free Add-Ons developed by GRAPHISOFT to complete ARCHICAD with specific abilities and features, such as 3D Studio In, Interior Wizard, Mesh to Roof Tool.

Download Goodies for ARCHICAD

Rhino - Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Toolset

Designers have various options to connect ARCHICAD's professional BIM work environment with the modeling power of Rhino and Grasshopper.

Download Rhino - Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Toolset


IFC-based Interoperability

GRAPHISOFT supports the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) standard, which enables ARCHICAD to communicate with other disciplines within the context of the building model, and to coordinate a building project entirely in 3D.

Generally about IFC-based Interoperability

ARCHICAD Connection plugin for Autodesk Revit applications

IFC reference guide, hotfixes

Downloads for COBie


Solibri Connection

The ARCHICAD-Solibri Connection Add-On provides fast and automated code- and constructability checking. The updated Add-On automatically detects and sends only those elements that are changed in the ARCHICAD model, resulting in faster round-trip collaboration. BCF-based issue reporting was introduced to this workflow, enabling designers to assign the detected issues or solve them later on.

Download Solibri Connection for ARCHICAD


MEP Modeler

The GRAPHISOFT MEP Modeler™ is an Add-On to ARCHICAD®. Firms using ARCHICAD can use the MEP Modeler to create and edit 3D model-based MEP networks (ductwork, pipework and cabling) and coordinate them within the ARCHICAD Virtual Building. The MEP Modeler uses a familiar interface and tools integrated right in the ARCHICAD environment.

Download MEP Modeler for ARCHICAD


Library Part Maker

The improved Library Part Maker 22 is an ARCHICAD Add-on that simplifies and streamlines the creation of custom GDL-based Library Parts. It offers students, manufacturers and architects interactive Library element creation tool without any knowledge of GDL programming.

Download Library Part Maker

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D

Sending the whole ARCHICAD project to Cinema 4D, users can take the advantage of its animation and rendering capabilities to create animation or professional images.

About Cinema 4D

Download Cinema 4D Add-On for ARCHICAD


Bluebeam Connection

ARCHICAD's Bluebeam Connection palette provides direct access to those features that are the most commonly used during the PDF review processes.

Download Bluebeam Connection

Google Earth

Google Earth Connection

The Google Earth Connection Add-On provides compability with Google Earth, Trimble SketchUp and Google 3D Warehouse. Starting from ARCHICAD 17 this Add-On is part of the standard ARCHICAD package.

Generally about Google Earth Connection

Download Google Earth Connection for ARCHICAD 16