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BIMcloud – Teamwork for Architects

BIMcloud – Teamwork for Architects

BIMcloud enables real-time, secure teamwork between architects, regardless of the size of the design project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection.

BIMcloud Basic is a free product plan of BIMcloud, and it is available to all users. This product plan can be activated after the BIMcloud installation with a few simple clicks.

Compare BIMcloud Basic and BIMcloud

BIM Server is discontinued, replaced by BIMcloud

  • Free Teamwork now has a new name: BIMcloud Basic.
  • BIM Server has been based on BIMcloud technology for many years.
  • BIMcloud has a free product plan called BIMcloud Basic.
  • The BIMcloud Basic product plan matches the functions of the former BIM Server.
  • BIMcloud Basic requires no license, just a free activation.

  • One BIMcloud Basic supports one ARCHICAD version, starting with ARCHICAD 19
  • You can decide during the installation process which ARCHICAD version to support
  • You can run multiple copies of BIMcloud Basic on a single machine
  • We recommend users of BIM Server 19, 20, 21 to upgrade to BIMcloud Basic

  • BIM Server will not be updated in the future
  • All bugfixes will be included in BIMcloud releases
  • To receive updates, we recommend BIM Server users to upgrade to BIMcloud Basic
  • BIMcloud Basic can easily be upgraded to BIMcloud, without installation.
  • Users can pilot the full feature set of BIMcloud by acquiring a pilot license from your local GRAPHISOFT partner; at the end of the pilot period, users can choose to buy BIMcloud or revert to the Basic feature set without re-installing.

  • BIMcloud will have quarterly releases
  • Releases will contain new features as well as bugfixes
  • There is a single BIMcloud installer; no separate update packages
  • Release names will include year and release number (e.g. 2018.1, 2018.2, etc.)
  • BIMcloud releases are independent from ARCHICAD versions and updates

BIMcloud for Architects

BIMcloud for Architects

Teamwork with BIMcloud does not require IT skills from architects. Team members can reserve parts of the project or work on individual floors, sections, elevations or layouts. Automatic, real-time element reservation helps everyday work by providing exclusive access to specific design elements without any hassle, while BIMcloud ensures the integrity of the project database in the background.

BIMcloud uses GRAPHISOFT's patented “Delta” technology to provide an ultra-fast design sharing and collaboration platform. Only the element changes are sent between team members, so the network load is minimal, making bandwidth irrelevant.

BIMcloud is truly scalable and provides unique benefits for teams and large design projects. Teams located across continents can work simultaneously on large projects without hassle or delay. Smaller teams will benefit from automated project snapshots and role management: focus on the design instead of management.

BIMcloud enables not only real-time design work on the same project, but also provides an instant collaboration platform. The color-coded workspace helps to identify who is working on what. Thanks to BIMx PRO, design issues can be resolved through instant messages and annotated screenshots using tablets and smartphones.

BIMcloud works on any network, and architects can even work on the go on a laptop at remote locations without an Internet connection. Once back online, not only will they share their latest work with others via BIMcloud but will also receive the latest changes and updates by other members of the design team.

BIMcloud’s built in tools ensure very high uptime and quick recovery in case of a vis mayor situation. Project snapshots are created on regular-bases, making sure that the project can be restored into an earlier state in case a design issue requires it. Server backups are created automatically, which will enable the user to restore an entire server from a backup with a few clicks after a vis major situation. Built in monitoring ensures that there are always enough system resources available for work. If they fall short, then an email is sent to the user about a possible danger – well before it becomes critical.

Compare BIMcloud Basic and BIMcloud

BIMcloud for BIM Managers

BIMcloud for BIM Managers

BIMcloud’s project management interface allows BIM Managers to organize the office servers - located across continents - and design projects into a folder-like structure. The folder hierarchy and grouping logic depends on the company's strategy (i.e. studios, offices, project types, owners or architects etc.).

BIMcloud Manager features a browser-based “zero deployment” management interface. This enables BIM Managers to control every aspect of BIMcloud using not only desktop or laptop but even tablets or smartphones. All common browsers and platforms supported.

On BIMcloud Manager, personal tags can be freely created and assigned to projects and libraries. This helps organize and categorize project/library items, in addition to using a folder hierarchy. Create your own tags to match your workflow, and add colors to highlight them visually. Use the tags to search/filter the content of the project tree. Tags will appear in the BIMcloud Navigator.

BIMcloud tagging

BIMcloud can be fine-tuned to support both low-trust and high-trust company environments using its built-in user/permission management system. BIM Managers can create and adjust user roles and groups. Project owners, architects, draftsmen and viewer roles can be distributed among team members located in various locations. User role privileges can be carefully edited matching the studio setup and workflow or reflecting the design or documentation stage of the project; typical roles can be re-used across multiple projects. Sub-contractors, engineers, consultants and even clients can be involved.

BIMcloud enables simultaneous teamwork on parallel building projects and multiple ARCHICAD versions. In practice, this means that running projects can be completed on a certain ARCHICAD version, while new projects can be started on a different ARCHICAD version without issue – all hosted on the same BIMcloud.

Project snapshots - representing the actual state of a shared design project - can be created automatically as well as manually, at any stage of the design work. Such snapshots can be easily restored. BIM Managers can also perform automated backups for all the design projects located on BIMcloud. Entire servers can be restored from backups with a few clicks.

Compare BIMcloud Basic and BIMcloud

BIMcloud for IT Professionals

BIMcloud for IT Professionals

BIMcloud scalability supports any type of workload. Upgrading BIMcloud servers on the fly or adding new server resources as needed will not interrupt the office’s productivity in any way. Design projects can be moved between BIMcloud servers if necessary.

BIMcloud operates on any level of data security and is easily deployed in public and private cloud environments. It supports HTTP, HTTPS and VPN protocols as well. These industry standard protocols have been developed to ensure secure cloud connections and BIMcloud is compatible with these.

BIMcloud can be kept running 24/7. The BIMcloud self-diagnostics monitor the server’s performance, resources and the overall health of the system. Instant reports can be displayed, and notifications received via email.

The BIMcloud functions on standard hardware; no expensive hardware or software is required to run BIMcloud and to host large projects. The Internet connection speed can be optimized on location and multiple addresses can be set to the same server to ensure the most effective connection speed from any location.

BIMcloud integrates into the corporate environment allowing IT personnel to centrally manage users and data access. The company's existing corporate user directory can be integrated to BIMcloud via the industry-standard LDAP protocol. This eliminates user management overhead for the existing IT personnel. BIMcloud login credentials are automatically synchronized with company login credentials for email or network domain access.

BIMcloud helps IT managers with advanced, easy-to-perform backup and restore features. Fully automated, scheduled backups can be created from the entire BIMcloud server installation and project databases. Manual backups may also be performed if necessary. The entire BIMcloud server environment can be restored from the backups with a few clicks.

Watch BIMcloud in Action

Teamwork in 10 Minutes
Teamwork for Studios
Migrate Projects Between Versions
Upgrade from BIMcloud Basic to BIMcloud
BIMcloud Basic
Update BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic
BIMcloud 2018 - Teamwork from BIMx
BIMcloud 2018 - Scale System onto a Second Computer
BIMcloud 2018 - BIMcloud License Practicalities
BIMcloud 2018 - Downgrade from BIMcloud to BIMcloud Basic
BIMcloud 2018 - BIMcloud Data Safety

Teamwork in 10 Minutes

Teamwork for Studios

Migrate Projects Between Versions

Upgrade from BIMcloud Basic to BIMcloud

BIMcloud Basic

Update BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic

BIMcloud 2018 - Teamwork from BIMx

BIMcloud 2018 - Scale System onto a Second Computer

BIMcloud 2018 - BIMcloud License Practicalities

BIMcloud 2018 - Downgrade from BIMcloud to BIMcloud Basic

BIMcloud 2018 - BIMcloud Data Safety

Feature Comparison

  BIMcloud Basic BIMcloud
Real-time team collaboration yes yes
Remote access via standard HTTP protocol yes yes
High tolerance for low bandwidth yes yes
HTTPS compatibility to secure the server connection yes yes
Browser-based Management interface yes yes
Works on desktop hardware and software yes yes
Supports multiple ARCHICAD versions no yes
Reservation assistance no yes
BIMx integration, real-time messaging no yes
Supports project access on multiple servers no yes
Optimized for Multiple Office setup no yes
Project Organization with Folders no yes
On-the-fly scaling of Server Resources no yes
Organization of users into groups no yes
Multi-site optimized Delta cache no yes
Central User Management (LDAP Integration) no yes
Role-Based Management no yes
Self-diagnostics, monitoring no yes
Automated Server Back-ups no yes

BIMcloud Frequently Asked Questions

BIMcloud allows a BIM workflow on any network, hardware or software configuration, connecting architectural design teams, engineers, consultant and building projects of any size or setup 24/7.

BIMcloud is a fully-fledged cloud-based collaboration solution that can be deployed in any public or private network environment.

Currently, only GRAPHISOFT products such as ARCHICAD and BIMx can be directly connected to BIMcloud. However full BIM projects can be aggregated and coordinated in BIMcloud using the IFC connection and the MEP Modeler functionality of ARCHICAD.

The GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud consists of one central BIMcloud Manager, any number of BIMcloud Servers and any number of BIMcloud Clients (ARCHICAD, BIMx etc.) connected through the BIMcloud Manager. BIMcloud can be deployed on premise or in any private or public cloud platforms, and can be integrated with centrally managed company IT systems (e.g. “Active Directory”).

The BIMcloud Manager is the central component of the GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud Solutions that takes care of connecting all other components regardless of location (i.e. across the office, across town or around the world). BIMcloud Manager itself is free of BIM data. It contains only a single integrated list of all BIMcloud Servers, BIMcloud Projects and BIMcloud users with their defined roles and permissions.

The BIMcloud Servers store and serve the BIM projects for ARCHICAD, BIMx (and the future other) clients.

  • BIM projects can be freely moved between BIMcloud Servers within the same BIMcloud.
  • BIMcloud Server hardware can be freely altered without any interruption to the workflow of clients.
  • BIM project data is exclusively stored and managed by the particular BIMcloud Server where the shared project is located.

The BIMcloud Clients can access and manipulate the BIM project data from the BIMcloud Servers through the BIMcloud Manager’s interface. BIMcloud Clients can be computers in the office, mobile computers or mobile devices (i.e. tablets or smartphones, etc.) in any location.

BIMcloud Basic is free of charge but has a limited feature set compared to BIMcloud. BIMcloud Basic activation requires GRAPHISOFT ID.

The BIMcloud licensing scheme is based on the number of concurrent users accessing BIMcloud at the same time. Each connected user requires a BIMcloud User License. These BIMcloud User Licenses will behave the same way as ARCHICAD floating licenses: If the user closes ARCHICAD or BIMx the BIMcloud User License will be released on the server. BIMcloud is freely scalable without any limitation by installing additional BIMcloud Servers on additional computers.

No, BIMcloud User Licenses require a separate key. BIMcloud Basic can be activated using your GSID.

Yes, BIMcloud can be deployed on both public as well as on private clouds. You can even install BIMcloud on any server computers kept in-house (on-premise).

All BIMcloud components use standard http/https protocols to enable safe, secure access and communication between and among users regardless of their location. Use of http/https standards also helps manage total cost of ownership and avoid additional network infrastructure without any additional hardware or software componenets to be purchased.

No. BIMcloud works on any standard HTTP/HTTPS network connection with or without VPN from any remote location as well. For more information about the BIMcloud’s network setup, please visit our Help Center where new articles dedicated to BIMcloud appear on a regular basis.

No. The BIMcloud is purpose built to tolerate virtually infinite levels fo network latency and therefore eliminate the need and expense of special hardware or software to maintain “real-time” connectivity.

BIMcloud Basic is available in every market where ARCHICAD is available. For the availability of BIMcloud in your country please contact your local GRAPHISOFT Partner.

BIMcloud Basic is available for trial and educational purposes. BIMcloud is only available for commercial uses.

Please check out the current harware and operating system requirements of all GRAPHISOFT products.