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The BIMobject® App allows you, as an ARCHICAD user to browse and download manufacturer specific content from the cloud directly into any ARCHICAD 15, 16 or 17 project.

The BIMobject® App is completely free of charge for all users of ARCHICAD worldwide, giving the ARCHICAD user a toolset to find, source, update and check BIM objects supplied through the cloud completely integrated in their software. The App has functions to quickly browse the BIMobject® cloud database online and filter real products from real manufacturers. A simple click to download and the BIM objects are loaded in the ARCHICAD user’s project, ready for placement and further configuration. The App has the ability to check for updates to ensure the actual version of the placed object in your project is the same version as on the cloud. If there is a newer version of the actual product in the cloud, the product information can automatically be transferred to the already downloaded files. The App also consists of a BIMail integration. ARCHICAD users now have the ability to send and receive BIMails directly from inside their BIM software. Manufacturers have the ability to use BIMail to inform users about product news and updates through BIMail inside the ARCHICAD system.

Please refer to BIMobject® App website for further information and download.