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BIM6 x Template Kits for ARCHICAD 21 are the culmination of decades of ARCHICAD implementation experience and are based on the feedback of thousands of users, with ongoing support from GRAPHISOFT. The BIM6x Template Kits are the most powerful commercially available template kits. The BIM6 x Starter Kit is an entry level, but still very powerful solution, that is inexpensive to download and easy to use! But the true power of a pre-linked ARCHICAD template system is realized with the BIM6 x Power Kit, which includes a comprehensive template, example project, BIM Manual and more! (learn more)

RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange Add-on

The RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange for ARCHICAD 21 enables ARCHICAD users to import RFA (Revit Families) into their ARCHICAD project as objects including doors and windows. It will also enable ARCHICAD users to hotlink, import and export RVT geometry (Revit projects) in and out of ARCHICAD. This is not a replacement for IFC workflows but intended for comparing imported RVT geometry to an ARCHICAD model and exporting RVT geometry for comparison to a Revit model… (learn more)

BIM6x RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange Add-on


ArchiCHECKUP is a 104 point check that comprehensively examines your ARCHICAD project for issues related to Size, Speed and Structure. These are the three foundations that support a fast, efficient and reliable workflow and enables you to have 'healthy' projects! After a thorough analysis of your file you will receive a detailed digital 40 page report which is divided into seven intuitive sections and each item is color coded to highlight all the opportunities for improvement, as well as showing you what you're doing right… ( learn more)



ArchiBOOST is a 90 minute online ARCHICAD Training experience designed to boost your ARCHICAD knowledge and productivity. ArchiBOOST gets your personal ARCHICAD questions answered in the privacy of your own home or office. No one else watching, no one judging, no question too simple or too difficult. Schedule a time and date that suits you… ( learn more)



ArchiTUNEUP is a service offered by the experienced template builders at BIM6 x to customize your ARCHICAD Template to make it as efficient as possible. Whether you use one of the BIM6 x Template Kits or have your own, you can get the very most out of ARCHICAD! Including pre-linked views and layouts, schedules, indexes, rendering settings, and work environment profiles. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain… ( learn more)