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ArchiRADAR website is the first and the most important forum for the Italian market, and solutions for all worldwide users.

ArchiRADAR Trees

ArchiRADAR offers a wide range of services for the Italian market and for worldwide users:

  • Develop of BIM projects, support and training.
  • Develop of GDL and BIM Objects.
  • A very popular Users Forum, mostly focussed on ARCHICAD, but with a variety of linked sections.
  • Probably the best greenery collection for ARCHICAD. More than 50 species of trees, hedges and bushes, high resolution textures, full 3D, highly detailed but very light to be managed by the program.

Our trees collection is constantly growing and we can create custom species on request. Each plant is provided in six or four variants, so avoiding the use of always the very same object. Depending of the species, the object has parameters to choose the foliage color (seasonal variations), flowers and fruits. All the collection are compatible with ARCHICAD from version 16 and above, and are optimized to take full advantage of the CineRender engine, if used with ARCHICAD 18 or superior: ArchiRADAR objects.

ArchiRADAR Object 1
ArchiRADAR Object 2
ArchiRADAR Object 3
ArchiRADAR Object 4
ArchiRADAR Object 5
ArchiRADAR Object 6
ArchiRADAR Object 7
ArchiRADAR Object 8
ArchiRADAR Object 9