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The proven BIM-based solutions of vintoCON, in seamless integration with ARCHICAD, open new dimensions for building professionals throughout the entire building lifecycle - from the design process through the construction stages till the facility operation/maintenance management is established.

ArchiFM Asset Planning

Robust stand-alone CAFM software: Area management, Inventory, Tenant management, Move management, Reports...;

ArchiFM Maintenance

Robust stand-alone CMMS software: workflow based complete planned/breakdown maintenance management;

ArchiFM-ProFM Reporting Services

web-based user access - Reports can be created/edited/displayed in a web browser. Users no longer need to install client applications to execute, export or print reports.

SyD – Share Your Design –

The ultimate BIM based collaboration tool bringing together architects, their clients and all team members such as engineers, constructors, developers etc...

Helpdesk for ARCHICAD –

This brand new ARCHICAD add-on extends the BIM model with document management as well as maintenance management capabilities. By clicking an object within ARCHICAD you can instantly view, list, manage all related documents such as fact sheets, service manuals, photos, videos etc... through the web by using either desktop computers or mobile devices. You can initiate different dialogues thus being able to collaborate with your mates, clients and/or to report new breakdown events related to particular objects. This add-on offers a direct link to vintoCON’s renowned web based helpdesk system hence complete breakdown management processes can be executed directly from ARCHICAD.

ArchiFM-GIS integrated solution

Thanks to this recent strategic co-operation, with direct link to DigiTerra GIS system, ArchiFM is now able to offer extended graphical functionalities. This complete solution makes it possible to work with countrywide facilities, to maintain linear elements such as roads, gas pipes etc... This is not just an extraordinarily efficient tool for mapping even items such as countrywide pipeline networks but also helps finding the particular equipment to be maintained on the spot.

ArchiFM conditional maintenance solution

Conditional maintenance can dramatically reduce the running costs of maintenance management. ArchiFM is now integrated with a new GPRS based hardware technology, can measure key indicators, reference points of different equipments and trigger conditional maintenance events. This new technology can easily be implemented on any existing building or equipment along with very low investments resulting in extremely fast ROI.

Facilities management goes mobile

ArchiFM Maintenance for Mobile – smart phone version

ProFM HelpDesk –

web based breakdown reporting and maintenance management

OrthoGraph Handheld Solutions –

Intelligent Building Survey and Inventory register

vintoCON Services

Custom Development, FM Data Management (building survey, data migration...), high level technical support - Software Service Contract